Fiesta de las Cruces de Mayo

May Cruz ValenciaWednesday the 3 may, date on which the finding of the Holy Cross of the Lord is commemorated by St. Helena, mother of the Emperor Constantine. It is a widespread festival in Spain, in Valencia and also in Latin America.

All different years associations, parishes, failures, etc, design crosses are made with fresh and natural flowers decorating with dried flowers, plants, stones and other decorative elements.
Beauty dand the Cruces de Mayo shows the craft and careful work with which you work each year so that these crosses are the center of a big party and custom Valencian.
The date of placing traditional "May Crosses" does not correspond, however the day that the current liturgical calendar celebrates "the feast of the Holy Cross", the 14 of September, but it keeps the old dedication of May 3, when "the feast of the Invention of the Cross" was held

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