Feast of St Mark the Evangelist

The Wednesday 25 of April is the Feast of San Marcos Evangelista. Author of the second Gospel, Its symbol is the winged lion. He is patron of lawyers and notaries.

San Marcos is Jewish in Jerusalem, he accompanied Paul and Barnabas, of first, Antioquia in the first missionary journey of these (Acts 12, 25); also he accompanied Paul to Rome. He left them in Perga and returned home. (Acts 13,13).

He was a disciple of St. Peter and interpreter of it in his Gospel, the second canonical Gospel (the first to be written). San Marcos wrote in Greek with simple words and strong. For its terminology is understood that his audience was Christian. His Gospel contains history and theology. the date on which he wrote under discussion, maybe it was in the decade 60-70 AD. Along with Pedro went to Rome. San Pedro for his part referred to as San Marcos “my son” (1P 5,13). Sometimes the New Testament calls Juan Marcos (Acts 12,12). He evangelized and established the Church in Alexandria, founded there the famous Christian school. He died approximately martyr 25 of April 68 in Alexandria and his relics are in the famous cathedral of Venice.

Pope Francisco recommends we read the gospel and tell us: “…Christian's first duty is to hear the Word of God , hear Jesus, because He speaks to us and saves us with his Word. And with that Word makes it more robust, stronger our faith. Hear Jesus!”, “always have with you a paperback edition of the Gospel so that it can easily read each day…” I attached a link where you can download the Gospels in electronic format: http://opusdei.org/es-es/article/edicion-digital-gratuita-de-los-evangelios-universidad-de-navarra/

San Marcos

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