Feast of Beato Alvaro – 12 may

Next Tuesday 12 may of 2015 held for the first time the feast of the blessed Alvaro del Portillo, successor of Saint Josemaría Escrivá at the head of Opus Dei. On the occasion of important anniversaries, Solemn mass will be held at 19’00 h., held by the vicar general of the diocese, D. Vicente Fontestad, in which a picture of the blessed Alvaro painted by Magda Quesada will bless, daughter of our Director of the Museum, Margarita Ordeig. The picture will be placed in a prominent place in the Church for the veneration of the faithful.

pichuMagda Quesada, born in Valencia, Spain. Degree in fine arts from the Faculty of San Carlos of the University Polytechnic of Valencia.

His artistic work has been exhibited in Spain, Mexico, Italy and Venezuela, where he currently resides. In his youth he was part of the choir College San Juan del Hospital, where he began to leave his artistic mark as prominent contralto.

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