Party "mig any" of the Virgin of students

Mig AnySunday 5 may we celebrate the feast of “me any” Virgin of students with children and adults, all students!. After the Mass of children 12h all go to pray the print Virgin.

Afternoon and 20h after Mass, young people will pray the traditional prayer followed by “The Show” -universitario- anthem, and then there will be a “picaeta”.


Estampa Virgin of students



SENTENCE (for children).

My mother, Virgin student.

You took care of Jesus since childhood and he learned obedience, to study and to work happily with San Jose and very close to you.

Help me pay attention in class,

to do homework well and soon,

to obey the first,

to be a good son and good brother,

and to pray morning and evening.

Virgin Mary, tell Jesus I want you to always be my best friend. Amen.

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