Feast of the “any MiG” the Virgin of the students

The next day Sunday 10 in April we celebrate this feast with children and adults, all students!:

– After the mass of children of the 12 h, one is will pray special prayer composed of mothers for this occasion, followed by a hymn to the Virgin. The sentence is as follows:


My mother, Virgin student. You saw Jesus meet every day with joy his duties of child
and work with San Jose.
Help me to pay attention in class,
to do well the duties without leave them then and
to take advantage of the time.

In my family I want to obey the first,
be a good son and love my brothers.
I know that he costs me
Remember me in the morning and in the evening praying prayers.

Virgin Mary saved in your heart my requests, offer them to Jesus and are for his glory. Amen.

– After mass of 20 h you will pray the traditional prayer to the Virgin student, they will sing the “Gaudeamus igitur” and then there will be a “picaeta”

students virgin 1


My Immaculate mother, What, by receiving the word of God in your womb, are you throne of glory and wisdom, reach me the grace study with order and consistency, with purity of intention and effort to service.

Get my work I approach every day to you and to your divine son; that never forget I offer is this, now I make it, to make my hours of study, of truth, hours of prayer.

Also help me achieve the human and supernatural fruit that God expects of my Studio, so sanctifying me at work reach the joy of loving you forever in heaven.


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