End of Course of Catechesis

CatechesisA few days ago they ended the catechesis of children in First Communion. During this course, -which began in mid-September-, They have been attending every week 82 children. These catechesis have been formed by two groups, Mondays with a 60 Children and Friday with a 24, of those who have been taking care about 35 catechists. Training children receive First Communion to have a minimum duration of two years.
always we have the cooperation of parents who also receive a monthly training class.
CatechesisThey may have received First Communion 46 children (in five innings: 4 Saturdays and 1 Sunday).
Parting of catechesis D. Carlos received them and were praying for a while in the chapel, then they went to play in the yard where they enjoyed the games we had prepared them catechists. Although half of children have received their First Holy Communion, many of them keep coming to continue their Christian formation to better know Jesus and to discover his best friend.

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