CV Joint Foundation of San Juan del Hospital in Valencia

The Foundation for the preservation, rehabilitation, enhancement and dissemination of the Set of San Juan del Hospital in Valencia, in all the orders, and activities of their cultural and religious reality, caring and developing this material and spiritual heritage in the city of Valencia.

The mainPURPOSE of the "Foundation of Valencia Set of San Juan del Hospital Valencia"  It is the preservation and dissemination of the historic and movable and immovable funds containing.


Actual museum:

  • The whole complex. chronological journey as intangible asset.
  • Funds movable and immovable.
  • archaeological finds.
  • Several fund deposits of individuals.

Library of it. specialized library.

Documentation Center:

  • own (Hstórico generated by the same set).
  • Funds recovered on it.
  • historical documents.
  • related.

Deposits and donations:

  • Academic Library of History, D. Elías Tormo.
  • Almudí deposits library.
  • Bravo Laguna Library.
  • other specific.


ACTIVITIES of the "Foundation of Valencia Set of San Juan del Hospital Valencia"


Historic monument of national character. B.O.E. THE IV- 1943

guided tour

CARE GUIDE AND VENUE Museum "SITE", (B.O.E. The II-1997):

Campus visits:

  • free entry to anyone who wants it, except at times of worship or own activities.
  • agreed entry in advance for groups or guided.


  • Permanent exhibition in all areas, Museum given its nature as "spot".
  • Exhibition Fund: Elements of particular relevance.
  • Wall paintings. Images. Ceramics. goldsmith. documents.
  • temporary: The monographic Exhibition Hall Museum.


  • Own themed on the set of San Juan del Hospital
  • inaugural. other related.


  • Fact Sheet and Guidance. Postcards and Prints. Store
  • Wall paintings
  • The Royal Chapel of Santa Barbara
  • Children Guide
  • monographic topics on any of the furniture collections of the Museum of great artistic interest: The sculptural group of Calvary, Altarpiece of San Pedro…etc.

Publications in 5 last years: Management of historical-artistic Commission:

  • Monograph facsimile Fernando Llorca Die:  "San Juan del Hospital. Construction of S. XIII”
  • Facsimile Luis Pascual Gascon: "Relationship of the Order of Malta and San Juan del Hospital"
  • Publication of Luis Corell:  "Two headstones S. XIII in San Juan del Hospital ".
  • Guide-catalog of the Museum Tour. Authors: Margarita Ordeig Corsini, address and texts. Manuel Fernandez Canet: layout.
  • Publications Margarita Ordeig Corsini: “Constanza Hohenstaufen. Empress of Greece "

Care Library:

  • Acquisition, Cataloging and Treatments.
  • Queries own bibliographic Funds.
  •  Deposit funds: D. Elías Tormo and Monzó - Other



STATUTES of the "Foundation of Valencia Set of San Juan del Hospital Valencia"


Article 1.- Name and regime

The "Foundation of Valencia SET OF SAN JUAN DEL HOSPITAL OF VALENCIA" has the character of private non-profit and its equity affection durably to the attainment of the objectives of general interest fixing in the fourth article hereof.

This foundation is governed by the will of the Founders manifested in its Statutes, by the law 8/1998 of 9 December of the Valencian, by the law 49/2002 of 23 December Fiscal Regime of non-profit entities and tax incentives for patronage, and other applicable rules to private legal persons.

Article 2.- Legal personality.

The Foundation has legal personality and full capacity to act, no limitations other than those established by law, so you can hold and carry all kinds of acts and contracts and appear before courts and tribunals, Authorities, Agencies and departments of the State Administration, Autonomous communities, provinces, Municipalities and other public or private entities.

Article 3.- Home.

The foundation fixed his home in Valencia, Street Trinquete de Caballeros, number 5, in the historical complex that is the seat of their representative body and in which direction the administrative and management of the Foundation is centralized.

The Board may freely transfer the registered anywhere else in Valencia, by agreement thereof and thereby realizing the Protectorate.

Article 4.- Fines.

I.- The Foundation for the preservation, rehabilitation, enhancement and dissemination of the Set of San Juan del Hospital in Valencia, at all levels and activities of their own historical reality, artistic, cultural and religious, caring and developing this material and spiritual heritage of the city of Valencia.

A limitation, and in no case exhaustive, It corresponds to the Foundation:

  • Carry out the works and activities necessary or appropriate for the Joint recover the uniqueness and importance of its history belongs.
  • Equipping the Church of San Juan del Hospital of resources needed for conservation and the necessary means to carry out their own work.
  • Ensure continuity and compliance with the aims of the Museum of the Joint Hospital of San Juan del Hospital, legally recognized. For this, the Foundation aims to bring together artistic works, cult objects and ornaments, As documents relating to the history and life of the whole, through donations, deposits of their benefactors, public or private aid are achieved and funds of the Foundation. To this end the Foundation assumes ownership, direction and management of that museum.
  • Satisfy, foment, boost, protect and support any cultural initiatives, educational, beneficial, or religious care that relate to the whole or the Church of San Juan del Hospital.
  • Awarding scholarships and financial aid for study, historical research, Resort activities and contribution to the same, even those that are characteristic of social volunteering.
  • Search for, to the extent that it can be, the satisfaction, promotion, impulse, protection and support of other cultural initiatives, educational, investigator, charitable and welfare, especially, which are analogous to the purposes set out referred to other properties, objects, and activities of eminent historical or cultural significance.
  • And ultimately, do everything necessary, within legal limits, to achieve the goals that motivate its constitution.

II.- The Foundation may act, to better fulfill its purpose, I give preference to those of its purposes at any time by the Board requiring care deemed soon, taking into account where appropriate the provisions and the will of donors and benefactors.

III.- Any of the purposes which are the subject of the Foundation may be addressed directly or by providing real support and financial resources to entities or institutions that lead out. Equally, the Foundation may sign collaboration agreements with public and private institutions pursuing similar purposes.

IV.- 1).- Are potential beneficiaries of the Foundation everyone with an interest in achieving the aims of the Foundation and intending to work on their achievement, without prejudice to either the Valencian society as a whole the final recipient of the work of the Foundation.

The Foundation will award its benefits in accordance with criteria of impartiality, non-discrimination and objectivity to persons or entities specified above. For this purpose, will develop bases, standards or rules that govern the selection of beneficiaries. No one can argue against the right foundation or preference that is not derived from any requirements or conditions established by the Foundation, or impose its attribution to particular person or entity.

2.- The Foundation will apply the foundational resources to fulfill the purposes of the institution in accordance with legally established and the proportion for each year determined by the Board to develop and approve the annual budgets.

Article 5.- Duration

The Foundation was intended to be permanent and indefinite duration as a result of their object.

Article 6.- Territorial scope

The situation of the historical and religious complex for whose protection it is, the Foundation shall work in the territory of Valencia, which means no limitation to what outside this area has to be made, always within its purposes and for better compliance with them.

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recreation project