Have you tried to count the angels in the Chapel of St.. Barbara?

Royal Chapel of Santa Barbara. S. XVII

Is not easy!

Some ... are so high!

Others, their heads in bas-relief barely appear in the altarpiece where they are; some more hide among the baroque plasters pretending to be legendary figures, but not, they are angels, restless cherubs and seraphim.

Church San Juan de el Hospital

And among the moldings of the Palencia altarpiece, several more seem to want to escape., already with half body out, wishing to fly and reach the precious key, where a cherub, work of a great sculptor, Julio Capuz, he prepares to descend with a golden palm towards the girl Barbara, very serious in the transparent of the altar, but very happy to be surrounded by hundreds of angels.

Out of hundreds ...? And, count, count.

Still others are hidden among the Virgin's mantle and in the pictures of the saints. And even some archangel takes shelter in the hollows of the pillars, they are Miguel, Gabriel and Rafael and the Custodian of our city, they pretend to be children ... Tell!

And between all of them, two remain very still on their guard before a very young Virgin. She is the Mother of her God. And they flap their wings to stay almost in the air, always, ante Ella.

But ... what do you see in its wings? There is something written!.

They are centuries-old carvings despite their childlike figure. They have seen the years pass before them, mens, places, celebrations and wars. Also the effort of good people rebuilding their house: the altarpiece.

And so, for them, we know the names of those who worked almost two hundred years ago. And it is easy to imagine Juan Cuseriola, by Palencia, in a rush or very cold, well they can't find it. Someone was looking for him to entrust him with the work and not finding him, the 22 of December, almost already in the Christmas of 1854, write on the half-devastated wood: "Wherever you can find it, give it for the signature and the budget".

Almost a hundred years later, Master Diez and his officer Ernesto López have the broken figure of the angel in their hands.. Difficult dates. The 26 March of 1935. Just a clarifying comment: "Got together".

Well ... visit San Juan del Hospital. Enter the chapel of the holy, and there, silent, count the angels and sing with them. Then, if you already know the number, write us to the e-mail: comunicacion@sanjuandelhospital.es or leave a note at the offices ... maybe you will win a prize, a visit accompanied by experts to the entire site, or some books, or a reproduction of the angels ... we'll see!.

You can contemplate the Chapel in the virtual visit and in the Photo gallery.

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