“There is time for everything”

Family-playingNext Friday 28 from September to the 21 h we will have a new training session for marriages and / or boyfriends interested in updating their training to grow in interpersonal relationships. With the title"There is time for everything"Dna will give it. Celia Zafra, Economist, and it will address the issue of the lack of time that is experienced in the family and the couple in the society of the rush, where we feel not get everything we want.

As it has been incorporated women to work, it has become necessary to find new ways to perform all tasks that previously fell on it. For this reason, all family members must accept any individual responsibility to contribute to the management of family life and thus allow time for family activities that everyone enjoys. Through proper planning and a commitment by all members of the family, many family duties can be performed more quickly and easily. And above all to devote ourselves to the most important: speaking and listening. In short, be together.

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