hipsters of the s. XXI: love but seriously

In an age like the one we currently have, in which it seems that we are talking about love and sexuality all day and we have the theme 'even in the soup' (films, series, books, TV shows, charlas, debates…) it is not difficult for us to feel overwhelmed and disoriented with so much information. Above all, if we feel inside that we want to live a more solid love, firm, cemented than the one that is sometimes presented to us on social networks and the media. In short, if we feel that we want what from Nonconformists we call 'love, but, seriously', sometimes it is not easy to find ways to train ourselves in this way of understanding love and relationships.

Nonconformists of the 21st century is a affective training course aimed at young people between 20 and 35 years who wish to delve into topics related to the greatness of the human condition, self-knowledge, the character, self love, the art of communication and conflict resolution as a couple, the meaning of commitment and the vocation to marriage and many other topics of great interest that will enable us to have happy relationships.

After the success of the first edition, in october 2022 we start the second edition of the course. It consists of cycles of talks divided into three blocks. The talks of the first block will be held once a month, from september to december 20:00h a 22:00 hours in the church of San Juan del Hospital, Valencia. The speakers are very varied and there are both renowned specialists in psychology and couples therapy such as Lucía Pérez or Jokin de Irala, among others., going through 'influencers' specialized in communicating with sympathy and freshness through their social networks the beauty and adventure that the love of a couple supposes (for example, rich, of @papaymas), as well as other speakers with a surprising amount to contribute thanks to their personal and professional experiences. The registration price for each of the blocks of the course, that will take place over the next year, is 35€, 25€ if you have already made us any of the previous blocks.

Then, you will find the dates of the talks of the first block. Write them down on your calendar!

Thursday 6 October 2022: Introduction – “Nonconformists of the XXI century: Amar, but, seriously”
– Thursday 3 November 2022: “Self-knowledge: nice to meet me”
– Thursday 24 November 2022: ” Love yourself! You are here for something great”
– Tuesday 13 of December 2022 (19:30h): ” The female universe: let's talk about her” vs “The male universe: let's talk about him”


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We are at your disposal to resolve any doubts that may arise through the following email: masinconformistas@gmail.com

And you? are you a non-conformist?




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