Day data collection laser scanner

Tuesday was held in San Juan a day of data collection by architects and civil engineers. A day in which, using an advanced laser scanner records and techniques of mass information, get a cloud of millions of points and a sweep of photographs that allow us to develop a complete modeling of the ship and chapels. This graphic documentary record complements traditional surveys previously conducted.

From the point cloud is modeled in three dimensions by supporting the theory of regulating lines of medieval construction.

The terrestrial laser scanner is a device massive data acquisition, reporting us a three-dimensional point cloud from the measurement of distances and angles, by a beam of laser light. Incorporating features cameras, recording the visible range information, which provides an infinite object information.

Participants in this survey are Isabel Jordán, BIM architect Master in Architectural Heritage Conservation and professor of the Master in Planning and Management in Civil Engineering at the UPV, and three students of the Master in Planning and Management in Civil Engineering.: Daniel Forero, Jorge Asjana and Roberto Mogena, They are developing their final dissertation on the implementation of BIM in the Church of San Juan del Hospital and the Chapel of St.. Barbara, for which it required a laser scanning photographs.

Day data collection laser scanner. Oct. 2017


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