Converting Yamuna

Yamuna received while Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation, the 13 July of 2016 in San Juan de el Hospital.


Hello, soy Yamuna. Yamuna is the largest tributary of the name of the river Ganges and one of the major rivers in northern India. I was born in a Valencian town and studied philology in Valencia capital.

I have 26 years. My father is Hindu by religion. He was born in a village in Castilla La Mancha in a Catholic family but young cHe onoció who would later become his spiritual guide and took Hare Krishna.

You could say I went to India when it was still tiny, as it was in my mother's womb. The truth is that I would love to return home, and this time be viewed. I have always imagined that the reason for my trip would not be tourism, but to stay a while, but who knows. I believe that I have a link to the land. My name belongs there and the name will always define. Small asked me often puzzled by their meaning. And I always drew in mind the map Yamuna.

It is a huge river. Through the states of Uttarakhand, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh and Delhi and Himachal Pradesh border also. Receives many tributaries along the way, including huge rivers Giri, Tons, Hindon, Chambal, Betwā, Mandakini, Sindh y Ken. And so it was somehow my life. He left Hinduism and was collecting various waters to reach its destination. I have seen many ways of living, many alternatives to find the fullness of faith.

I have seen many ways of living, Many alternatives, Until you find the fullness of faith

My mother has always been Catholic but has not been followed in the practice of their faith but I value it has always been there to remind Jesus. By then, I was beginning to know Hinduism and like my father chose not to be baptized or my brother or me, she accepted it. From those early years I remember summers in the Hare Krishna community. From my father I learned many things as the value of prayer; vegetarianism which still practical-; perseverance to what is believed and may have little importance that the material. I'm from Valencia, yes, but I'm also the world

Love of a grandmother

My grandmother, my father's mother, He was a practicing Catholic. He died when I was 17 years. When she was little, He made me a great gift. And until today I have not realized how much I owe you.

I used to spend summers with her in the village and I talked about Jesus and the Virgin Mary, I took me to church on Sundays, She taught me to pray. Whenever I was with her I had to visit the Lord, I guess I wanted to know that Jesus was in the tabernacle. She was a very loving woman, who lived their faith deeply and transmitted it. My grandmother did not share the religion of my father, but whenever we were family at home for holiday, he joined our customs and stopped eating meat, and eggs to respect the beliefs of his son.


Although I did not realize then, those talks granddaughter and grandmother were not in vain. When we went to a religious celebration to the church and saw people receive communion felt a great desire to do it too. I grew up with religious concerns, but I did not go there because my people were not around to give me faith to know more. I guess some of those talks was with my grandmother, because whenever he traveled and saw some church, I felt the need to go. Go to church and sit before Jesus gave me a lot of peace. I went and told my stuff. He was attracted by the tabernacles of the churches, It was something that left me indifferent.

When I got to high school, I chose for some reason I still do not know, scientific and technical line, when I'm lyrics, and indeed not I approved. My parents were very angry when they saw the notes and decided to take me to an Adventist school internal Valencia to repeat first grade. The reason was that the school had a good reputation and also Adventists practice vegetarianism, which I facilitated quite my diet. I liked the experience and asked to stay to take second.

Adventists they taught me many things about the Christian faith and especially allowed me to come into contact with the Bible. Every day at eight o'clock in the afternoon we had worship. From a biblical story we talked about values, how to apply what we read to daily life. Each Friday, when the sun set, we began to celebrate the great cult, which lasted until sunset on Saturday, the Lord's day for Adventists. Village people came and celebrated in style. That day was entirely for God. To me at first I irked me not to study, especially at exam time, but after a while I understood and began to respect voluntarily.


I left high school and began triumphant career Philology at the University of Valencia. I met a guy I liked, and we started dating. My boyfriend was agnostic, I talked about the impossibility of the existence of a God. Little by little, His words were pulling me away from God and spirituality who had lived in so many ways, but always with an experience of transcendence. When I saw the side of life in which God was not, I decided I was not going to be there. God had always been close to me in a natural way, without my asking. Now it was when he had to be for Him.

After the race I wanted to do the master to be a teacher of Secondary, because I discovered that my vocation was teaching literature. He could take the course in my public university but got the opportunity to receive a scholarship at the Catholic University of Valencia and my father agreed to do it there, because deep down he has always thought that the formation centers of Christian inspiration was humanly complete.

In the master I had very good teachers, I liked how focused education from the point of view of the whole person. What I heard in class about the Catholic faith, the family, The education, etc., I was attracted. I've always been in line with the values ​​of faith, because basically they are very human. I think that somehow I already believed and lived my faith but I lacked the testimony of people like me to teach me to put it into practice

THINK somehow I already believed and lived my faith but I did TESTIMONY people like me who will teach me to implement

A colleague told me about Opus Dei, He told me that he received training in a work center for university. I liked very much what he told me, I was attracted to live well and as I had to choose a school for practice of the master, I asked them in Guadalaviar, which it is a corporate work of Opus Dei. I thought it was a good opportunity to learn about what had caught my attention.

He KNOWN NEVER HAD AN AUTHENTIC LIFE STYLE TAN: I saw people practicing their faith and talked about it NORMALLY

Since first day, I felt the excitement of being in the right place, to be home, and where it all started. I had never met a lifestyle as authentic: I saw people who practiced their faith and talked about it normally, I saw that people were happy and I decided. These things can not explain the truth ... everyone has their process.

The 13 July of 2016 I received the Baptism, the First communion and Confirmation in Church of San Juan del Hospital. That day I remembered a lot of my grandmother, I thought I'd be glad that ultimately fulfill what she wanted and that was also what I wanted.

My parents supported me one hundred percent with my conversion, I even gave the trip to the World Youth Day in Krakow. And although I am the same there are some things that have changed in my life. Before, when he had difficulty thinking of giving up and throwing in the towel, but I now understand that you can offer God your stuff and that He cares about all. Faith has given strength to my life. Before everything I did, my day to day, It was very superficial, but now I can give a new meaning to everything.

It is like the Yamuna which in step creates a floodplain in this strip lying between that river and the Ganges many watering farmland and giving drink to millions of people. So fertile hope it's my life. If I had to summarize in one word faith, It would be happy because it has really changed my life and made me happier. I owe it to God and my grandmother, which opened this spring of faith in my soul. It is your fault, grandmother. Thank you!

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