Children's generosity reaches Peru

When children catechism of San Juan del Hospital will receive their First Communion are given an envelope for each child make a donation of their own savings, -with the consent of their parents- (but your pocket, not their parents), which will go to social work with children in need. Each child freely deposits the amount you want and all envelopes are collected and brought to the altar with offerings of bread and wine.

Is year these donations were allocated to the territorial prelature of Yauyos, in Peru, that through Monsignor Ricardo told us it would be nice to be assigned to the District of Viñac, in particular to the "Missionaries of Jesus Word and Victim" working in remote areas and poor. We show you the letter where we have the fate of the donation.

Thanks to the parents and children who this year have received their First Holy Communion, which as you can see, Their generosity has been very useful.


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