The replica of the Virgen del Milagro comes to San Juan

On the occasion of 50 Anniversary of the reopening to the cult of San Juan hospital has made a replica of the Virgen del Milagro found in the Museum of the Cathedral and was brought in the year 1238 by the Knights of the Knights Hospitaller, During the conquest of Valencia .

To carry out this exact replica of the Virgen del Milagro, the first thing you did was to photograph the original sculpture with a scanner "Faro Platinum" to digitize the whole piece. With the scanner in hand, despacito without touching the Virgin and at the Museum, it was passing the scanner carefully on all sides of the sculpture. This creates a cloud of points "triangularized". While going past the scanner is going seeing on your computer as you are creating three-dimensional image. Hence a file is removed to machine. On leaving the image on your computer, this the "cubic", to also know the dimensions of the stone that will need.
Once in the workshop and the piece of limestone, which it is relatively soft and the formerly employed craftsmen, the robot began making a first roughing. It was performed with a robot "Kuka of 7 axes "which has considerable precision, due to its flexibility.
After all past they have occurred with a finer bits for finishing.
Artists who have performed the Virgin are Lola and Juan Carlos Ferri Climent of "Tall 3D Scan" Workshop in Guadassuar.
This replica of the Virgin which today is located in San Juan del Hospital, policromar is to be like the original Virgin by Mar Sabate.
In this video you can see the process and arrival in San Juan, and of course when polychromatic (At the moment it is in the Exhibition Hall of the Museum San Juan) will the show and I invite you to come to her directly. Finally it will be placed in the chapel of Rey Don Jaime in the south courtyard.

Photo gallery:
Replica of the Virgen del Milagro. November 2017

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