Major Fallas of Valencia will make an offering to Santa Barbara on Sunday 25

Falleras Mayores de Valencia 2017

The next Sunday 25 February, Valencia Falleras Seniors (2018) Rocío Gómez Gil and Daniela, they will continue the tradition of making an emotive offering to the patron saint of the Fireworks, Santa Barbara, going along with their Courts of Honor to the Church of San Juan del Hospital the day of Crida (before macrodespertá). The Rector of the Church directed a few words and then deposited her bouquet in the Chapel of the Holy, in an offering in a very special day for them.

To the 06:30 am. Church opens.

To the 7:00 am. Falleras offering of Greater Santa Barbara.

The image of Santa Barbara is on the altar of the Royal Chapel dedicated to this holy -levantada in 1685- and it was donated to the Church of S. Juan de el Hospital the 20 March of the 2001. It was formerly located in the old cantonment “Marqués de la Ensenada” Medina del Campo (Valladolid) and dates back to the 19th century.

Was Carlos III who declared a Santa Bárbara Patrona gunners, to protect them from the fire, the rays and the gunpowder plot, and subsequently named it also Patron Saint of firefighters, engineers, military, miners and Fireworks.


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