The images of the Virgen del Oratorio and the Forsaken

The image of the Virgen del Oratorio It is already in place, as we told you last month, It has been restored recently. It has been found that is older than was thought. His restorer Mar Sabate, describes that a Virgin s. XVII or XVIII. With sgraffito decoration on gold leaf on the garments. The face of the Virgin is original. The child and hands are a later addition. For they had disappeared.
The Virgen de los Desamparados -s. XVIII-, It was donated by the family Montalt and has been placed in the chapel of the confessionals. They will restore a small flaw in the face. His face is a copy of the original image (of ancient Virgin of the Helpless in Valencia that were shot in civil strife). The foot is baroque, woodcarving.

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