The 7 Sundays San Jose

The Church, following an ancient custom, prepares the feast of St. Joseph, the day 19 March, dedicating the Holy Patriarch previous seven Sundays to that party in memory of the main joys and sorrows of life in San Jose. Specific, It was Pope Gregory XVI who encouraged the devotion of the seven Sundays of San Jose, granting many indulgences; pero S.S. Pius IX gave his perennial relevance wish that acudiera to San Jose, then to alleviate distressing situation of the universal Church.

The following prayers are said at the end Masses every Sunday:

1No. Domingo (4 February 2018)

First pain and joy: Matthew, 1. 18-25

"Glorioso San José, husband of Mary. As was great anguish and pain in your heart, in doubt leave your Blessed Wife, so was immense joy when I was revealed by the Angel sovereign mystery of salvation "

– For this pain and this joy, We ask you to grant us the grace of your comfort in the temptations of sadness.

Glory …

2No. Domingo (11 February 2018)

Second pain and joy: Lucas, 2. 1-7

"Blessed Patriarch San José, chosen to fulfill father's trades near the incarnate Word. Great was your pain to see Jesus born in such extreme poverty, but this pain was changed in heavenly joy to hear the songs of the angels and contemplate the glory of that light night ".

– For this pain and this joy, We ask that you teach us to help others.

Glory …

3No. Domingo (18 February 2018)

Third pain and joy: Lucas 2, 21,

"Glorioso San José, obedient executor of the will of God. The precious blood shed in circumcision the divine Redeemer, You pierced the heart; but the name of Jesus, imposed on, I was filled with comfort ".

– For this pain and this joy, We pray for all families, so that their homes are bright and cheerful.

Glory …

4No. Domingo (25 February 2018)

Fourth pain and joy: Lucas, 2. 22-35

"Saint Joseph, model of fidelity in fulfilling God's plan. Great was your pain knowing, the prophecy of Simeon, Jesus and Mary were destined to suffer; this pain became joy in knowing that the sufferings of Jesus and Mary would be the cause of salvation for countless souls ".

– For this pain and this joy, We ask that you teach us to fulfill our duties and sanctify our work.

Glory …

5No. Domingo (4 March 2018)

Fifth pain and joy:

"Glorioso San José, custodian and intimately familiar Word of God Incarnate.

Great was your suffering to feed and serve the Son of the Highest, especially in the flight into Egypt; equally great was your joy to always have in your company to the Son of God and fell on the ground see the idols of Egypt.

For this pain and this joy, reaches us grace that we pray, fleeing from occasions of sin, we overcome the infernal enemy and draw down of our heart every idol of earthly passions, so busy serving Jesus and Mary , live only for them and have a happy death.

Glory …

6No. Domingo (11 March 2018)

Sixth pain and joy: Matthew 2, 19-23

"Glorioso San José, you saw your orders subject to the King of Heaven. If your joy upon returning from Egypt was troubled by the fear of Archelaus, after, to be reassured by the Angel, glad you lived in Nazareth with Jesus and Mary ".

– For this pain and this joy, We ask that our homes are homes bright because it is God and cheerful because we trust in the Lord.

Glory …

7No. Domingo (18 March 2018)

Seventh pain and joy: Lucas 2, 40-52

"Saint Joseph, copy of all holiness. Great was your pain by losing, innocent, the child Jesus, and having to seek, with great grief for three days; but was higher your joy when the third day you found him in the temple amid the Doctors ".

– For this pain and this joy, we ask you to never forget that God always forgives us when we repent and begin again.

Glory …

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph. baroque chapel. On the entrance arch to the chapel inside. oil on. XIX-XX.


It is an exceptional case in the Bible: a saint who is not heard a word.

not that there's been one of those people who did not speak anything, but surely he was a man who fulfilled that mandate the ancient prophet: “Sean few your words”.

Perhaps God has allowed so great friend of the Lord does not keep a word, to teach us to love us too silent. “Saint Joseph, Patron of the inner life, teach us to pray, to suffer and to remain silent”.

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