"The archives of the Kingdom of Valencia and documentary heritage importance"

Wednesday, to the 19:30h was beginning in San Juan del Hospital an interesting lecture-: "The archives of the Kingdom of Valencia and documentary heritage importance", which they were attended by more than 70 people.
The rector, D. Carlos Cremades, He introduced the speakers for their interesting reading curriculums and also announced the current Exposición de Fondos Documentales y Bibliográficos del Archivo de la Fundación de la Comunidad Valenciana “Conjunto San Juan Del Hospital”, we can see in the showroom of findings Site Museum.
He started the first talk Hernando Javier Mozas, Historian, performing his archival work and documentation in Valencia Airport, CIA. Air Nostrum. He gave us very curious performance data of a technical file. Something that contrasted with the other file that is engaged altruistically, the Central Board Fallera, with all the uniqueness it offers.
Then, Juan Vicente García Marsilla, Professor of Medieval History at the University of Valencia and a PhD in medieval history, in their teaching and presentation documentadísima, He showed us amazing old photos, unknown file for the general public and we got idea of ​​enormous work of these scholars.
Professor García Marsilla found unpublished archival documents on San Juan del Hospital, como la relación de Pere Balaguer, the famous builder of the door and our church Serrans, He has been awarded several prizes, Demetrio Ribes last the Historical Research Award and the Award for Teaching Excellence University of Valencia.
Talk - colloquium: "The archives of the Kingdom of Valencia and documentary heritage importance". February 2019

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