Donations collected in San Juan will go to the aid of a convent in Peru

Reconstruction miniconvento Mothers Missionaries of Jesus Word and Victim in the Sanctuary of the Lord's Ascension Cachuy, in Peru, It will be the project that will go the donations this year They have gathered in the church for a social cause beyond our borders. As on previous occasions, the donation proceeds of what they give children receiving their First Holy Communion, as well as Collects weddings held in San Juan del Hospital.

The donation, as every year, It will be delivered at the end of May communions, After collecting donations that children who attend catechism of San Juan and receive their First Communion, They deposited their savings for this social project, always with the permission of their parents and freely choosing the amount. Last year, the collected donations were delivered to two boarding northwest of Peru hosting boys and girls from the communities of the Napo and Putumayo rivers.

This year, Bishop of the Prelature of Yauyos wrote to Don Carlos to speak about the reconstruction project of a small house that can serve as lodging for the nuns who are responsible for the care of the Sanctuary of Cachuy, which they are using a temporary facility that will have to be demolished to avoid accidents. The Sanctuary of the Lord's Ascension Cachuy is an important place of pilgrimage in the province, receiving numerous visits during the year and brings in the week of May to party 20.000 pilgrims.

It aims to build a stronger and more durable new accommodation, in order to accommodate religious holidays during the week and regular visits. This way they can perform their functions adequacy of pastoral work spaces, put the temple to accommodate pilgrims and priests' house, or have medical dispensary for the care of pilgrims after the walk, among other tasks.

In the Sanctuary, receiving faithful from many parts of Peru, pastoral work develops through catechesis and the Sacrament of Confession. Nevertheless, Since it is a small village located 3500 meters high -in a mountain in the middle Andes- which you can only be reached on foot, Surrounded by mountains without hosting services, rebuild the convent is the only way for pilgrims to be attended by religious dignity. These rise especially at night, with lanterns, to avoid sun burn during the day. A promotion that usually lasts 6 to 12 hours walk, depending on the physique of each pilgrim.

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