The first years of marriage

PremaritalWith this title, Celia Zafra taught a session the next Friday 25 November to the 21 h in San Juan of the Hospital, addressed to bride and groom, marriages and any person interested in the subject.

In the first years of marriage are them profiles psychological of two people different; two biographies personal, two cultures family, two styles that need to be assembled. Not is is of asking him to the other that is defeat for us. “If my husband is annulled, what I left for love??”. To the marriage not going to lose our personality, but to win a personality new, the other person's.

The education sentimental in those first months and years of life in common is of vital importance. Each spouse, as any person, you will experience greater harmony with those ways of doing (order, schedules, sequences, routines family, validity social, standards of education, modes of living and manners, disposal of the things of the House, table, of the closet, etc.) own your family of origin, because in them has educated their feelings. You can have disagreed in thousand matters with their parents, but their feelings have been modeled by that biography family prior to already not can erase, and you feel more comfortable in those habits and routines.

Commenting on the second chapter of Genesis on creation, teach the Pope Francisco: “Thus he was the man, something was missing to reach its fullness, reciprocity was missing”. The image of the 'rib' "not expressed in any sense inferiority or subordination, but, on the contrary, that man and woman are the same substance and they are complementary and that also have this reciprocity. (…) Suggests also other thing: to find to the woman- and can say to find the love in the woman-, man has to dream it first and then find it. The confidence of Dios in the man and in the female, to those who trust land, is generous, direct and full. Are trusts of them. But I have here that the malignant introduces in his mind the suspect, her unbelief, the distrust. (…) Also we what we perceive within us many times, all. The Sin generates mistrust and division between the man and the woman”.

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