The first years of marriage

Next Friday 27 to the 21 h will be held a new session of the cycle of training for marriages with the title “The first years of marriage“, in charge of Anna Otte, Doctor of medicine and Professor at the John Paul II Institute on the family.

early yearsThe first years of marriage are a special adventure. That's when the major adjustments are made and when expectations are put to the test. La manera en que se enfrenten las grandes y pequeñas crisis durante los primeros cinco años establecerá importantes patrones para el futuro. This is a reality in the case of men or women, and those first five years can be a time of fast-growing personal and relational, or a period of disillusionment and deterioration.

¿Tranquilos o estresados? Most marriages start with the delight of "being in love" and the enthusiasm of the "honey Moon". The question is what happens next. It is that happiness leads to adjustment, commitment and learning to truly love another person who may have very different expectations and needs? Do o opens way for poorly processing conflicts, the “power struggles” and deepen frustration and resentment?

Financial problems, for example, They challenge many young couples in the early years. Try to agree on the priorities also is stressful for new spouses. What shopping should do? What they should be set aside? Where do they have to live? Should they buy a house or rent an apartment? Simply find out what another thinks it's a normal expenditure when you buy clothes or leave to hunt may be all a discovery; and sometimes very negative.

Another complex issue may be accustomed to the in-laws. Discover how really is the family of the spouse can be a great clash. It is also discovering that neither of them has skills to handle conflict, etc.


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