Is forgive and ask for forgiveness worth?

the forgiveness

Next Friday 23 from September to the 21 h resume training sessions for couples or couples interested in upgrading their training to grow in interpersonal relationships. The next session - with the title “Deserves the penalty forgive and ask for forgiveness?” It will give Dna. Celia Zafra, Economist.

The father Francisco points on the exhortation Amoris Laetitia: “Today, we know that to be able to forgive, we need to undergo the liberating experience of understand and forgive us our selves. Many times our errors, or the critical gaze of the people we love, have led us to lose the love towards ourselves. So we end up keeping us from others, escaping of affection, filling us with fears in relationships. Then, to blame to others are converted in a false relief. Makes missing pray with it own history, accept yourself, Learn to live with the limitations, and even forgive you, to be able to have that same attitude with them others” (n.107).

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