Ash Wednesday, Lent begins

Next Wednesday 26 February ES Ash Wednesday and begins Lent. Ash will be imposed on all Mass of San Juan del Hospital on this day. It is a day in which Christians live in the fast (take one meal a day and strong 2 light) and the abstinence (not eat meat). The purple of the liturgy remembers that we are in time of repentance and conversion.

The most important festival of the Christian faith is the Resurrection of Christ and the Church prepares for this grand celebration in an atmosphere of sentence, conversion, fasting and solidarity with the needy (in the form of alms or other gestures). This hard preparation 40 days and is called “Lent”. Jesus was prepared for public life 40 days of fasting and prayer.

At the beginning of Lent are reminded that our life is transient and fleeting, and the disappearance of our body remain only our good deeds, without focusing on material things. It is to recognize what is wrong in our lives (by examining awareness) to correct it, and rely on good works. Prayer comes “conversion”: change course and regain the road. Thats why he Sacrament of Penance especially helps us to return to God through conversion and reparation for our sins.

You can access from here to Lenten message 2020 Pope Francisco.

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