Ash Wednesday, Lent begins


ash 2

The 10 February celebrates the Church the Ash Wednesday that the season of Lent begins, and ash will be imposed at all the masses celebrated in S. Juan de el Hospital that day.

The Lent It is a liturgical time of conversion in which invites us to prepare ourselves for the great feast of Easter; time to repent of our sins and change something from us (especially through the sacrament of confession); time to be better and to live closer to Christ. That means precisely the liturgical color of this time, the purple: mourning and penance.

In this year of the mercy we can all benefit from the graces that the Church offers us closer to Jesus Christ and bring other people to the meeting with the.

Preparation and anointing of the sick

On the other hand, also the day 10 to the 11,00 h will take place a Meditation and time of confessions preparation of persons (greater of 69 years or sick) that the next day - Thursday 11 February- they will receive the anointing of the sick.



The 11 February, Feast of our Lady of Lourdes, will be provided to the 12 h the anointing of the sick to all persons wishing to do so according to the above conditions.

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