Mass for the victims of Hurricane ETA and for the deceased and sick from Covid-19 whom we have not been able to accompany

The balance of the passage of hurricane ETA through Central America has been dramatic, mainly in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala. Southern Mexico has also been affected, Panama, El Salvador and to a lesser extent Cuba. For this reason, we want to make all the families and friends of the affected nations participate in the celebration of Mass to pray for the souls of the deceased and the speedy recovery of the victims..

The Mass will also be for the eternal rest of the souls of relatives and friends who died due to Covid-19, that due to the circumstances of being "far from home", many people will not have been able to accompany them in these hard times. As well as for the sick and other intentions that are suggested.

Those who wish to have the Mass applied for their intention must communicate it by writing to: social centers @

The Holy Mass will take place next Saturday 21 November to the 17:30h. It will be broadcast on the YouTube channel of the church of San Juan del Hospital de Valencia:

17:00: Praying the Holy Rosary.
17:20: reading of all the intentions for which the Holy Mass will be offered.
17:30: Holy Mass on the feast of Christ the King but offered with the victims, for the deceased and sick and for the other intentions that are desired
18:15: after Holy Mass before the mural of Mary mother of the Americas in which are the invocations of those countries a prayer for each of them by a native of that country. Later a response will take place for all the deceased.



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