Christmas, good time to approach God

San Juan de el Hospital uninterruptedly will open this Saturday 22 of December, to offer the Sacrament of Confession all persons who want to prepare for the encounter with God on the occasion of Christmas.

Like this, the Church will not close at noon and will remain open on Saturday, of 9.30 to 21 hours, time that will be available several priests in the chapel of the confessionals.

It is "a good way to welcome the Lord in my heart and approach and prepare this encounter with Him through the Sacrament of Penance or Confession" and remember the words of Pope Francisco, in December 2014, when he asked “Holy Christmas that will never be a party commercial consumerism, appearance, of useless gifts, or superfluous waste, but it is a celebration of joy, to welcome the Lord in the manger and heart ".

Equally, The initiative responds to one of the messages of Pope John Paul II: Close and Christmas 1980, It was more than two thousand children in a Roman parish. And he began catechesis: How do you prepare for Christmas? With prayer, They responded screaming kids. Good, with prayer, the pope told them, but also Confession. You have to confess to go after the Communion. What will you do? And thousands of guys, even stronger, they responded: ¡We will do it! Yes, you must do, John Paul II told. And more softly the Pontiff continued: The Pope also confess to receive worthily the Child Jesus.

As well, so we do each of us, these days remaining before Christmas. And we will try to carry it out with love and trusting in divine mercy.

Sunday 23 and Monday 24 with regular schedules. On Monday 24 (Christmas Eve), It will re-open the church at 23.30h as at twelve o'clock it will be the traditional Midnight Mass.

Then there will be a late night snack.

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