News from the Social Center of San Juan del Hospital

Last month we began with workshops of the Social Center of San Juan del Hospital, in being taught Spanish Workshop, Mondays and Wednesdays I and II level, by the Holy teachers and Pilar. Sewing Workshop, on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday given by Mª José.

Another workshop "Working memory and understanding" is aimed at senior Spanish old who just had the Possibility toad to go to school and want to learn, It takes place on Tuesdays and imparts a new volunteer, Maria. The cooking workshop is supplemented by nutritional training on Tuesday, it imparts Maite. We also continue with the workshop that teaches English Gemma.

Finally the closet has a new voluntary Chelo, now they are working hard, selecting, making garment cleaning and removing everything useless or is in poor condition.
Soon a new food handling course will be provided and we will continue with First Aid Workshop.

Social Center of San Juan del Hospital 2017

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