NTRA. SRA. the Virgen de los Dolores

NTRA. SRA. The Sorrows of San Juan del Hospital, next to the apse in reconditorio.

NTRA. SRA. The Sorrows of San Juan del Hospital, next to the apse in reconditorio.

Twice during the year, the Church commemorates the sorrows of the Blessed Virgin is the Passion Week and 15 of September.

That standing by the cross of Jesus, your son, He was intimate and closely associated with his saving passion. It was the new Eve, that his admirable obedience contributed to life.

Seven are the pains that typifies the pious tradition based on the evangelical data. Order are these: Simeon's prophecy, the flight into Egypt, the loss of Jesus when he was twelve years in the Temple of Jerusalem, the meeting with his son in the street of the Bitterness, the crucifixion and death occurred in Calvary, of descent y, by last, the burial. But, actually, truly were many more. She took all pains, Or is it may be thought to remain unmoved by the departure of chaste spouse Joseph, or mother's intuition was not able to warn the growing animosity that the figure of Jesus was awakening -in crescendo- among the main governing of society that began by putting stumbling, They continued calling him crazy, They continued denigrating his fame because he had dealings with publicans and sinners and ended up calling him Beelzebub until they decided to plot his death? The seven listed are only "facts-key" marking a special way your itinerary pain; but were many more. Perhaps the number seven has, in this case a certain biblical flavor that indicates fullness.

Virgin Mary, you who have gone through such pain and such profound suffering, We help you follow your example to the difficulties of our own life.


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