New Delivery Food Bank

We have received a new delivery Food Bank and the truck we have downloaded easily thanks to the group of volunteers who have made chain. This time we received the following foods (7.100kg):
Oil 630 liters,
Rice 480 kilos,
Cacao 288 world,
Tuna 500 packs,
sardines 650 cans,
vegetable cream 600 units,
fruit preserves 408 cans,
Cookies 600 packages,
Chickpeas 684 packages,
Green beans 612 cans,
Whole milk 2676 packs,
Pasta 864 units,
Tomato 888 cans,
milk continuity 36 units,
Having gained fruta 60 jars,
Having gained pollo 60 jars,
all of them from the Feder Fund and the Ministry of Agriculture. This week several volunteers are taking their distribution among the families in need (261 people from 81 families), After a work of selection in which intervene the Town Hall of Valencia, through Social Welfare (It is issuing its report authorization).
Social Center of San Juan del Hospital 2017-2018

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