New Baptismal Font

The church of San Juan del Hospital was never parish, (except for a very short period of time, and one house), but within it was located, temporarily, the military chapel. It christenings were conducted; (in fact it found a document from s. XIX which has one of these).
Also when making inventories of silver objects looted in the War of Independence, include some ornaments to impart this sacrament.
So, without being commonplace in past centuries baptize neophytes, the church is no stranger to this emotional celebration.
As in recent years it has increased a lot in S. Juan del Hospital baptism of children and even adults, he thought of placing a stack of baptismal water for these celebrations.
Where? Now where it is known by documents that there was a water basin with a relic inside: in the ancient chapel of Sta. Barbara, del s. 13-14. In her, under a stone arch, It was a stack containing a segment of rock, brought from Nicea, of which tradition water came to be baptized Barbara during his confinement in a tower. So it was thought the most appropriate place.
Battery life is cenia stone Uldecona, the same stone used in the restoration of damaged forever during the reclamation works of the decade of the elements 70 the last century. Carved in the workshop Crumar Late Almeria.
Was performed modeled pile Royal Chapel of Santa Barbara s. XVII.
Placed on the south side chapel of the presbytery under the gaze of San Juan Bautista, patron of the church and the pioneer of baptism.

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New Baptismal Font. 2018

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