As long as the Holy Mass with the assistance of the faithful, HE broadcast every day through the YouTube channel de San Juan. The Sundays and holidays at 12 hours and working days at 19 hours.

Also daily, we connect at 18:30h to pray the Holy Rosary.
If you want to add any intention for those masses you can write to In them special mention will be made of the intentions that come to the mail every day.

The YouTube channel of San Juan del Hospital is


Complying with all the measures required by the health authorities.

The Sundays of 17:30h a 21:00h.
and the rest of days working days of 10:30h a 13:00h and afternoons: 17:30h a 18:30h and of 19:30h a 21h.
During that time you can access San Juan del Hospital to pray and there will be priests available.



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