Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity

Eth thursday 18 January begins on “Octave Christian Unity”. Traditionally, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is celebrated from 18 to the 25 January. These dates were proposed in 1908 by Paul Watson to cover the period between the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul.
They are a few days of prayer to the Holy Trinity asking for full compliance with the Lord's words at the Last Supper: "Holy Father, keep in your name those you have given me, to be one like us " (John 17,11). Christ's prayer also extends to those who have never been among his followers. Jesus says: “I have other sheep that are not of this fold, it is also necessary to those that bring, and they shall hear my voice and be one flock with one shepherd” (John 10, 16).
Este año se celebra con el lema «Amarás al Señor, tu Dios… y a tu prójimo como a ti mismo» (cf. LC 10,27).
For this reason, It will be recited after all Masses celebrated in San Juan del Hospital, a prayer for Christian Unity each day Octavario.

What can I do for the unity of Christians?

Meditaciones sobre el octavario por la unidad de los cristianos

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