Other actions


In addition to the workshops of training aimed to the insertion partner-labor, the volunteering in S. Juan de el Hospital has great dynamism, depending on the needs that are arising and assistance provided by volunteers. There are several initiatives-in collaboration with other entities- in which any person interested can collaborate (for more information call the Church: 96 3922965 and ask for Josemaria or write to: iglesia@sanjuandelhospital.es):

  1. Residence L´Acollida: weekly accompaniment of resident seniors.
  2. Residence Alba Pepe: several days a week, some volunteers accompany residents to carry out various efforts or activities to persons with disabilities who live or attend activities of the residence.
  3. Espurna Foundation (Gandia): on Saturday several volunteers accompany a group of people with disabilities in cultural visits by Valencia.
  4. School support (C / beneficencia): a group of volunteers working with the Vincentian sisters, Local coordinating a coupleIMG_2443to the attention of immigrants or children belonging to dysfunctional families, every day they give those who snack and help in the realization of homework.
  5. Clothing workshop: every Monday of 11 to 13 several h volunteers collaborate in the workshop of classification and distribution of clothing for people who are in need and come to S. Juan de el Hospital. Those who wish to work as volunteers, they can be contacted with Charo F. (96 352 05 91).


6. Food Bank: several times a year San Juan del Hospital receives thousands of kg of food through the Food Bank (from the ERDF fund and the Ministry of agriculture), that is shared between a few 200 people about following a selection work in involving the City of Valencia, through Social Welfare (It is issuing its report authorization).

If any family is in this situation and that aid has already handed out (waiting for the next batch), It will assist you through the commissary of Caritas.