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Mass does not say anything

Conference: “Mass tells me nothing”

Next Tuesday 9 April at 7:45 p.m., within the Lecture: "It is reasonable believer", we the session entitled: "Mass tells me nothing". The session will give Pau Xipell, Industrial Engineer. “I go to Mass and I get bored, the priest is a roll,...

Crsito party of Penas_w

Feast of Christ of Sorrows 2019

the schedule of Holy Week begins 2018 in San Juan de el Hospital, with the celebration of the Feast of Cristo de las Penas Sunday 7 of April. To the 18:30h will welcome new members (clavariesas, adults and children), with the solemn blessing and imposition of...

FEBRUARY reasonable 2019_insta

Conference: "Is it good to enjoy sexuality freely?”

Next Tuesday 26 March at 7:45 p.m., within the Lecture: "It is reasonable believer", we the session entitled: "Is it good to enjoy sexuality freely?”. The session will give Aniceto Masferrer, Professor of History of Law, University of Valencia. This cycle is...


Feast of St. Joseph

On Tuesday 19 March we celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, fair male, born of the lineage of David, which doubled power to the Son of God, Christ Jesus. The paternity of San Jose reaches not only to Jesus, but to...

Formacion_w copy sessions

Training sessions for adults and children

The next 23 March, begins in San Juan del Hospital retrained –directed by young people volunteer, for adults and children. Will take place every Saturday from 17:30h a 19:00h. We want to welcome families who for various reasons are in Spain and seek support in human and Christian values. They receive...


VI anniversary of the election of Pope Francisco

It's been six years since the 13 March of 2013 Pope elected Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. Pope Francis meets Wednesday 13 March the sixth anniversary of his election as pontiff and be spiritual retreat at the Casa Divino Maestro of Ariccia, in the vicinity of Rome. At 82,...

Via Crucis 2019

Via Crucis on Fridays of Lent

During Lent every Friday at 18:30h pray the Stations (Mass before 19h). Stations of the Cross helps us to pray and grow in pain of love and gratitude to the Lord, he has rescued us at the price of his blood.

Don Manuel and Don Carlos

Under the floor of the Hospital San Juan: Roman Circus

The identification of a Roman circus in the basement of Valencia, It is the most striking and unexpected finding that has taken place in the city. It was made possible by a continuous and systematic work of urban archeology, developed between 1987 and 1997. Until then, no historical evidence, epigraphic, town, toponímico...