Father Francisco – Daily Gospel


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1. Do you read the Gospel? It is a good thing; is a good thing to have a small Gospel, small, and take it with us, in the Pocket, in the bag, and read a short passage at any time of the day. At any time of the day took the Pocket Gospel and read something, a short passage. It is Jesus who speaks there, in the Gospel. Think about this. It is not difficult, or not necessary are the four: one of the Gospels, itsy bitsy, with us. Always the Gospel with us, because it is the word of Jesus to listen to you (Angelus, 16 March of 2014).

2. Today you can read the Gospel even with many technological tools. The entire Bible can take with you on a mobile, as a Tablet. The important thing is to read God's Word, with all the media, but read the word of God: is Jesus who tells us there. And welcome it with open heart. Then the good seed bears fruit (Angelus, 6 April of 2014).

3. Read the Gospel. Read the Gospel. We have already discussed this, remember it? Every day read a passage from the Gospel; and also take a small Gospel with us, in the Pocket, in the portfolio, to the fingertips. And there, reading a passage we will find Jesus. Everything acquires meaning there, in the Gospel, where to find this treasure, Jesus calls “the Kingdom of God”, i.e., God that reigns in your life, in our life; God who is love, peace and joy in every man and every man. This is what God wants, and this is what Jesus gave his life to death on a cross, to free us from the power of darkness and bring us to the Kingdom of life, beauty, of goodness, joy. Read the Gospel is to find Jesus and having this joy Christian, It is a gift of the Holy Spirit (Angelus, 27 July of 2014).

4. We do one thing: I give them a task to House, a task to do at home. Take the Gospel, you carry with you… Remember that you should always carry a small Gospel with you, in the Pocket, in the portfolio, always; you have at home. Carry the Gospel, and in the first chapters of Matthew - I think that in the 5 - are the Beatitudes. And today, tomorrow at home, read them. Will they do it? Not to forget them, because it is the law that Jesus gives us. Will they do it? Thank you (General audience, 6 August of 2014).

5. Today, the word of God is read in all languages, all have the Gospel in their own language to read it. And I come back to the same concept: It is always good to take with us a small Gospel, to carry it in your Pocket, in the portfolio, and during the day he read a passage. This makes us well. The Gospel is widespread in all the languages because the Church, the announcement of Jesucristo Redentor, is the world. And it is said that the Church is Catholic, because it is universal (General audience, 17 September of 2014).

6. But we can be messengers of the consolation of God if we not experience the joy of being comforted and loved by the first. This is especially true when we hear your Word, the Gospel, that I have to carry in the Pocket: don't forget this! The Gospel in your pocket or purse, to read it continuously. And this brings us consolation: When we remain in silent prayer in his presence, When found in the Eucharist or the sacrament of forgiveness. This comforts us (Angelus, 7 December of 2014).

7. Jesus is the word of God, Word that is in the Bible, in the Gospels. The word of God is light that orients our way, nourishes our faith and regenerates it. It is the word of God which continuously renews our hearts and our communities. Therefore, do not forget to read it and meditate it every day, in order to get to each one like a flame that we carry within us to illuminate our steps, and also those of who walks beside us, that may find it difficult to find the way to Christ. Always with the word of God! The word of God to the fingertips: a small pocket Gospel, in the portfolio, always, to read it. Don't forget this: always with me the word of God! (Angelus, 6 in January of 2015).

8. You, parents, and also you, godfathers and godmothers, grandparents, guys, they will help these children grow well if you give them the word of God, the Gospel of Jesus. And give it also by example! Every day, get the habit of reading a passage of the Gospel, small, and always wear a small Gospel with you in your Pocket, in the portfolio, to be able to read it. And this will be the example for children, see dad, MOM, godparents, the grandfather, the grandmother, the guys, read the word of God (Homily on the feast of the baptism of the Lord, 11 in January of 2015).

9. I would ask you to always have a daily contact with the Gospel, read it every day, a piece, a passage, think about it and also take it with you everywhere who go: in the Pocket, in the portfolio… I.e., be nurtured every day in this inexhaustible source of salvation. Do not forget! Read a passage from the Gospel every day. It is the force that changes us, that transforms us: life changing, changes the heart (Angelus, 1 February's 2015).

10. It is so important to ask: How can we receive the word of God?. The answer is clear: how you receive Jesus Christ. The Church tells us that Jesus is present in writing, in his word. For this reason I advise many times always carried a small Gospel - in addition, buy it, costs little- to have it in the bag, in the Pocket, and read a passage from the Gospel during the day. A practical advice, not so much to learn, but to find Jesus, because Jesus is precisely in his word, in his Gospel. Like this, whenever I read the Gospel, I find Jesus (Homily in Santa Marta, 1 September of 2014).

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