First Sunday of Advent and Celebration of Santa Barbara

Next Sunday 3 of December match two celebrations: the First Sunday of advent and Santa Barbara (We anticipate your celebration, which it is Monday 4 of December). 22720511503_a9a8b89c1b_z

Santa Barbara, Virgin and martyr. Patroness of the Spanish Artillery. 13h Mass on Sunday will be solemn in his honor.

The image that presides over the chapel that bears his name, was donated to the Church of San Juan del Hospital by the Army the 20 March of the 2001. Her devotion to this santa is back to the century XIII, and it is linked to the figure of the emperatriz Constanza Greece, that after widowhood, It was hosted in Valencia by rey ​​Jaime I, He joined her family ties. The Empress had great devotion to this Saint and spread it in various places. Up to the point of that when passed away, wanted to be buried in this church (1307) and he rested on the south side chapel of the presbytery. In 1696, the Real Brotherhood of Santa Barbara requested and obtained the transfer of his remains to the newly built baroque chapel of King Carlos II, placed under the patronage of this Saint who so much devotion professed. In this chapel, which is dedicated to the reservation of Santísimo-, the faithful replica of the chest of the remains of Santa Barbara is located, of which was desecrated in 1936.
Crown of advent

Santa Barbara is the 4 of December, mention will be made of this holy at all Masses on Monday.

In addition we celebrate the First Sunday of advent, getting ready for Christmas. For this reason light a candle “Crown of advent” in the mass for children. The candles are lit one at a time, during the four Sundays of Advent. They symbolize the light in the darkness: the salvation that Jesus Christ came to bring light to the life of each person.


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