First Sunday of Advent

The next domingo 3 of December celebrate the First Sunday of advent, getting ready for Christmas. That's whyncenderemos the candle “Crown of advent” in the mass for children (12h). Every Sunday light a candle different families, and so up to four to turn the 4 candles from the fourth Sunday, on Christmas Eve.

Origin of the Advent Wreath
The advent wreath finds its roots in the pre-Christian customs of the northern peoples, between the 4th and 6th centuries. Through the cold and dark of December, they collected crowns of green branches and lit fires as a sign of hope in the coming of spring.
In the 16th century, German Catholics and Protestants began to use this symbol during Advent.: those primitive customs contained a seed of truth that could now express the supreme Truth: Jesus is the Light that has come, who is with us and who will come with glory. The candles anticipate the coming of light at Christmas: Jesus Christ. This custom has become a symbol of Advent in Christian homes..
The Advent Wreath, whose four lights come on progressively, Sunday after Sunday until the solemnity of Christmas, It is a memory of the various stages of the history of salvation before Christ and a symbol of the prophetic light that was illuminating the night of waiting., until the dawn of the Sun of justice (cfr. Times 3,20; LC 1,78).
The symbology
-the round shape: The circle has no beginning or end, it is a sign of eternity;
-green branches: symbolize hope and life;
-the four candles: The candles are lit one at a time, during the four Sundays of Advent. They symbolize the light in the darkness: the salvation that Jesus Christ came to bring light to the life of each person.
-The color red means the love of God..
The crown can be blessed by a priest.

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