First wedding in San Juan, stories that make history

In 1967 the Church of San Juan del Hospital was commissioned by the Diocese of Valencia Opus Dei, and in that year he was restored again worship. Not being parish could not hold weddings at that time, but it went straight to ask permission from the Archbishopric -a jovencísima called GEMA, and it granted.
They recently celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy golden wedding in San Juan, the marriage of Gema Villanueva and José Luis Martínez Lasheras.
Gema has taught English for 36 Guadalaviar years at school and José Luís professor at the Polytechnic in Economics and Agricultural Policy. They had six children, five girls and a boy, of which a daughter Rocío, They have it already in heaven.
We asked what we could tell Gema their 50 years of marriage, and he told us that he was very happy and he believes his family has also been happy. In the 9 Dew years he was unconscious after the accident always noticed and did not lack the grace of God to take. In these 50 years have had very nice things and all united in moments in need, some children who have always responded.

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