The Corpus Christi procession

Next Sunday 29 may we celebrate the feast of the Corpus Christi (of the body and blood of Christ) and in the afternoon will take place place the traditional procession with the Blessed Sacrament through the streets of Valencia, that we will join from S. Juan de el Hospital with children who this year have made their first communion here.

The streets are flooded with the passage of the procession of the Corpus Christi in Valencia that follows a similar tour since its inception in 1355, period in which this holiday meant big Valencia City celebration, as a symbol of this, throughout the procession of the Corpus Christi in Valencia You can hear a ringing of the bells with the special touch of the feast from the Tower of Miguelete.

procession corpusThe program is as follows:

16.30 h step of rocks the following tour: Knights, Collado, Market, Maria Cristina, San Vicente, Sea, Up and hazelnuts Palau. They will return in the House of the rocks by hazelnut, Sea, Peace, General Tovar, Tetuan, Temple, Painter Lopez, Conde de Trenor and Plaça dels Furs.

17.15 h output of trucks of murta

17.30 h out of the Giants and dances of the nanos, the grenade and the Moma

19.00 h solemn procession, with the following schedule: La Seu exit through the door of the Apostles, Plaza of our Lady, Knights, Collado, Bosseria, Market, Maria Cristina, San Vicente, the Queen square, Sea, Hazelnuts, Palau, the alms and entering the Cathedral square.


The The Cathedral's Archbishop's Cross and the candlesticks, accompanied by some parishes of the city and the Guild of carpenters are the first to leave by the door of the Apostles of the Cathedral of Valencia. Then followed the characters of the Old Testament and other parishes along with the Guild of Sucrers. The Guardian Angel of the city of Valencia, The heralds, the Catalan flag and the Municipal band close representation of the city.

Then parade the characters of the new testament and various nearby Corpus Christi or civil society associations, highlighting "Els Cirialots", 26 Kings dressed in white tunic, beards, horsehair wigs, crowns and a red colour baldric, you precede the custody with their characteristic large candles.

The Custody, also called "of the poor" by having been carried out with contributions of money and jewels made by the Valencian citizens, accompanied by the youths, six young men dressed in robes of the 16th century of velvet and silk in the colors red and white carrying spikes and bunches of grapes silver. Paying honors accompanies the step the Spanish army during the whole procession.


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