Procession of the pardon, Brotherhood of Jesus at the column

The next 23 in March the Real Cofradía de Jesús in the column will begin, from S. Juan de el Hospital, the traditional procession of the pardon to the 18.30 h that will travel through different streets from the center of Valencia, you will pass through the Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados (where you will pray a prayer), to end up in the Church of el Salvador.

Since the year 1992, this brotherhood calls on the Ministry of Justice pardon of a prisoner, the day 18 publicly known if it will be released.

The 27 February of the 2016 He was appointed Mayor D Clavario. Carlos Moragues, It will be released on Tuesday and Friday in the procession, as well as in the case of that day 18 There is pardon.

The brothers who accompany this sculptural group of Jesus attached to the column (Carlos Román sculptors, Francisco López and José Estopiñá), they are dressed in tunic, CAP and blood-red velvet sandals. Layer, black and white socks and gloves. Braided black and white trimmings. Bust of Jesus Medal.

jesus column 4

jesus column 2jesus column 3

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