Fire tests in marriage

proof-of-fuego_5Next Friday 24 February to the 21 h have a new session continuity -by Celia Zafra- directed to engaged and married.
All human beings live tests, something that also happens in marriages. These are circumstances that happen in life and that often we can not avoid because they come suddenly or force us to alter some extent our comfort. So we do not like tests, we do not like to alter what we already have planned or our routine life.

In marriage we find "evidence”, because we have to understand the spouse, accept and love him as. This is sometimes difficult, because it costs us to understand the way of being or thinking the other, We do not understand why sometimes have certain attitudes with us, etc.

To illustrate this content the film shall be viewed “Fireproof“. Dirigida por Alex Kendrick y protagonizada por Kirk Cameron y Erin Bethea. Fue realizada bajo el respaldo y la producción de la compañía Samuel Goldwyn Films y se estrenó en Estados Unidos (2008). Cuenta la relación matrimonial y los problemas de pareja que afrontan Caleb Holt -un bombero de Albany (Georgia)- and his wife Catherine. When your marriage seems to run out and is on the verge of divorce, el padre de Caleb le hce un regalo especial, a kind of challenge of love, hoping to help you save your marriage.

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