Reflections on the spoliation of Sijena

Last Tuesday 21 may, San Juan del Hospital in the first lecture of the series took place held as course completion 2018-19: “The wall of the chapter house of the Monastery of Sijena paintings and spoliation”.
Maria Gomez Rodrigo, Drag. Fine Arts and Art History by U.P.V and U.V., he explained, with lots of photographic and documentary data, what happened in the decade of the years 30 and early 40 the last century, at the Royal Monastery of Sijena, (Huesca) the Knights Hospitaller, female branch, and that was the arranque and transfer magnificent wall paintings, Chapterhouse of the same, the Museum of Catalan Art. Considered the most important Romanesque paintings of the Iberian Peninsula.
It generated an active intervention of the public with questions and opinions to which Mary was giving very clear answers and documented.
Later the students in practices, During this course they have collaborated with Professor Gómez in the restoration of movable property, They presented their latest work: a high lateral segment of a tableau burned in Mora Church Rubielos. It represents a rampant lion and had to be symmetrical adorning the opposite side of the missing altarpiece.
Thorough treatment, as we explained Rosa Ainsa, Andrea Iborra and Marina Cuevas, He has allowed to appear in all its glory. Therefore they titered: "Roared the flames"
Then we had an opportunity of chatting with speakers on a vin d'honneur.
I hope next Thursday 30 from May to the 19:30h at the second conference of the Cycle: "THE ROMAN CIRCUS OF COURAGE. FINDING AN UNEXPECTED "that will be given by Albert Ribera Lacomba, Dr. History and Archeology. Head of the Archeology section of the City of Valencia.

Photo gallery:
Conference: & Quot; The mural paintings chapter room of the Monastery of Sijena his expolio" May 2019

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