Rosario de la Aurora

Aurora_Every Sunday of the year (except on Easter Sunday) the image of the Virgin out of a church in Valencia to the 7 in the morning and goes in procession chanting is the Rosary into another Church. We have the Virgin in San Juan, and this Sunday 4 June will depart at 7 in the morning. The Virgin hopes to accompany her!

A little history

The Rosary of the Aurora began in Valencia on the first Sunday of October 1886. Were the founders: don Vicente Ballester, painter decorator, and don Gregorio Gea, founder, also, the Patronage of Working Youth, and it was its first Director D. Ramón Peris Mencheta. He left the first rosary church of Our Lady of the Forsaken, at five in the morning, using for this image borrowed by the Marquis de Dos Aguas. In the early days they included fifteen banners representing the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary.

The day of the Immaculate Conception this year 1886, famous musician don Salvador Giner joined with a group of voices of Trustees and several instrumentalists, singing the Rosary and therefore he was appointed honorary music director del Rosario. Today still sing some of the Hail Marys, composed of said musician.

During these years, this devotion has undergone many vicissitudes. In 1931 after the streets prohibited any religious manifestation, He collected in the Cathedral. Every Sunday gave its route their ships. The 21 July of 1936 when churches were raided Valencian disappeared this treasure of Marian devotion.

the Association was reorganized after the end of the War. already 1940, The new image was blessed in the Royal Chapel of Our Lady of the Forsaken and the shoulders of his devotees and Cofrades out again on the streets of Valencia.

In October 1986, to mark the centenary of the Rosary of the Aurora, Pope John Paul II bestowed the Apostolic Blessing to Spiritual Director, to the president, Governing Board and Cofrades of the Confraternity of the Rosary of the Aurora in Valencia.

Images of Rosario de la Aurora 2017. Click here.


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