One of the most beautiful pages, written about San Juan del Hospital Valencia, we owe the Valencian writer Vicente Blasco Ibáñez.

In an anthology of the authors of the end of s. Nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, best pages or chapters of some of his works are selected. The prolific Blasco Ibanez is selected the first chapter of his book "Mare Nostrum". An endearing story through the memories of a child.

It starts like this: "His first loves were with an empress ... he was ten, the six hundred. "Empress

And during that first chapter parading through their lines the most unique characters, emperors of Byzantium, black friars habit, cofrades of a holy oriental ...

Prometheus Publishing, directed by Fernando Llorca Díe, son-Blasco Ibáñez, He published the work in the year 1919. Later a movie was made with the same name: "Our sea", our Mediterranean sea. Our quiet and beautiful sea, cradle of civilization still lingers. At the time, in that novel, war scenario; premonition that a few years later explode violently.

San Juan del Hospital keeps the burial and the memory of that Empress, that marked the life of that child until the end: Consatnza Hohenstaufen, Empress of the Greeks, as she liked to be called and so is contained in documents, lives in the pages of this novel that we keep as a treasure.

Margarita Ordeig Corsini
Technical Director of the Museum of the Hospital San Juan de el Hospital de Valencia set