Salva and Susanna, again in San Juan del Hospital

The bride who wore white five months later

A couple celebrate a mass thanksgiving and an offering after being married in the church, in civilian suits and behind closed doors, during confinement

Moisés Domínguez 09.08.2020 | El Levante newspaper

Salva and Susanna, again in San Juan del Hospital. August 2020Can you get married in church without a wedding dress and then, already married, attend a religious service in the wedding dress? Well, it seems that it is because that is the curious episode that has starred the couple formed by the Valencian Salva and the Catalan Susanna, that last day 8 they went not to one, but two churches, con sus mejores galas a pesar de que llevan cinco meses casados.

History has its reason for being. The couple had to get married almost under the covers in the past 19 March. With everything prepared to celebrate it in style on 21, the state of alarm over the coronavirus epidemic caught them squarely. Instead of postponing the link until better occasion, decided to seal their engagement immediately. They did it in San Juan del Hospital, because by then Dominicos was already closed. The oldest church in the city would close four days later.

Instead of the long suit, a short dress

The link, with all the ecclesiastical guarantees, It was, However, the least like a conventional wedding: only the couple were in the church, the priest and two witnesses. Neither parents nor relatives nor friends. One of them broadcast the ceremony live to the guests, who witnessed it telematically.

Salva and Susanna, again in San Juan del Hospital. August 2020The morning coat and the white dress, ruined the chance of the last test or even picking it up, turned into a suit jacket and a short red dress. And with a borrowed bouquet of the flowers that were in the basilica.

With the formalized marriage, Susanna, natural and single resident in Girona, life in common where planned, in Valencia. A coexistence that began as a confinement.

Last day 8, the couple went to the two churches. To San Vicente Ferrer, to celebrate a mass of thanksgiving, this time yes, surrounded by family and friends. And to San Juan del Hospital, to deliver, this time yes, the bouquet of flowers to the Virgin of the Students. And they really did it, including the white wedding dress who had to stay in the workshop waiting for better times. Although for them it was a confinement with the illusion of a new life.

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