San Joaquín y Santa Ana, parents of the Virgin Mary

Virgin girl in Santa Ana
The Sunday 26 July We celebrate the feast of San Joaquin and Santa Ana, parents of Mary and grandparents of Jesus. For this reason, traditionally on this day is celebrated to grandparents. In San Juan de el Hospital, After the mass the Rector will impart a blessing special for them.

both saints, called patrons of grandparents, were people of deep faith and trust in God; and educate managers on the path of faith to his daughter Maria, feeding her love for the Creator and preparing for their mission.

Benedicto XVI, a day like today 2009, -through he highlighted the figures of San Joaquin and Santa Ana, the importance of the educational role of grandparents, in the family "they are depositories and often witness to the fundamental values ​​of life".

In the 2013, when Pope Francis was in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) by the World Youth Day in Rio 2013, He stay coinciding with this date, He stressed that "the Saints Joachim and Anne are part of that long string that has transmitted the faith and love of God, in the warmth of family, to Mary welcomed in her womb the Son of God and gave it to the world, us has given us. How precious is the value of family, as a privileged place to transmit the faith!”.

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