Saint George, Holy Pope

Each 23 of April the Church celebrates the Fiesta de San Jorge, the holy Pope Francisco, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who it is also Patron of Weapons Cavalry Army Argentina, birthplace of the Holy Father. It is also patron of many cities and countries: England, Aragon, Georgia, Genoa, Moscow, Portugal, Cáceres, Catalonia… also of the Boys Scouts.

St. George was a soldier who was martyred in the fourth century (beheaded 23 of April 303). Many legends circulate about his life and martyrdom, And it is , possibly, one of the most popular saints in Christendom.

A few days ago we told Don Carlos Cremades the enthronement of San Jorge -in the year 2007-, in one of the communities in Nicaragua by donation from the Church of Santa Maria de Alcoy (Alicante).


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