«Saint Josemaría was a great guy and a very good friend of his friends»

Interview with D. Javier Cremades, author of the book “Plans of Cremades” and brother of the rector. D. Jesús Gil has been the graphic designer and layout designer of the same.

Alga and Omega Weekly. 26 of June 2020.
Javier Cremades: «Saint Josemaría was a great guy and a very good friend of his friends»


Javier Cremades on Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei: "He loves the Pope very much and cares for him from heaven"

Vida Nueva talks to the author of the book ‘The plans of the Cremades: a family friend of Saint Josemaría ’on the occasion of the celebration of the feast of the saint

Article interview published in www.vidanuevadigital.com the 26 June 2020.

The priest Javier Cremades Sanz-Pastor tells in ‘The plans of the Cremades: a family friend of Saint Josemaría ’ (Big letter), the memories of the relationship of the founder of Opus Dei with his family. Today, 26 June, festival of the founder of Opus Dei, New Life talks to Cremades, who lived in Rome with Saint Josemaría between 1969 and 1973 and he enjoyed with his family a great friendship with the founder.

Javier Cremades, doctor from the University of Salamanca, he was chaplain at the Complutense, director of the central acts of WYD in Madrid (2011), rector of the church of the Holy Spirit and the sanctuary of Torreciudad, among other pastoral assignments. In these months of fighting the disease, the author was able to finish and share this book, "The treasure of having treated you".

QUESTION.- What was the relationship your family had with Saint Josemaría?

REPLY.- Of gratitude and friendship. The book begins with the death of the mother of Saint Josemaría, in 1941, in Madrid. When Doña Dolores died — the founder of Opus Dei was in Lleida preaching some exercises to the clergy — he went to my father, who lived there, to make it easier for him to return to Madrid. Thanks to that help he was able to kiss his mother before the funeral. They knew each other since 1925, when they coincided in the Faculty of Law of the University of Zaragoza.

P.- What did, for the Church of that time, the foundation of Opus Dei?

R.- A reminder of the universal call to holiness and that all honorable tasks are places of encounter with God, who is the Great Friend who never fails. And attached to that call, would highlight being children of God, who has fallen in love with creatures, along with personal freedom and responsibility.

P.- He says that Saint Josemaría loved the Pope very much. What do you think you would think of Francisco today?

R.- Christ, Maria, Pope, were his loves. I remember one day, during my roman years, he told me: "When I die, Whenever you can tell your brothers how much the Father loved the Pope, whatever it is. He is now Paul VI. But to this Pope, the next one and everyone who comes behind you have to love them very much and without conditions. Tell your brothers!”. I would love him very much, loves him from heaven and cares for the Pope.

P.- What teachings of Saint Josemaría do you think are essential in today's world? Can we find light in your person in these difficult times?

R.- I believe that the message of the saints has a permanent validity because its source is Him and it has all the applications. As the Pope tells us, Saint Josemaría always emphasizes the gratuitousness and precedence of God's love and mercy. Understand that surrender to God is above all a gift, a great gift that makes you happy. It leads us to unite faith and concrete concern for the needs of others, so that each one feels questioned and free to respond. Without looking the other way, but passionately loving the world. His words about women, the family, teaching, young people are full of proposals, of affirmation, fruit of your meditation on the Gospel.


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