Santa Maria degli Angeli


“Virgin With Angels”, Canvas William Adolphe Bouguereau (1900). Small palace, Paris (France).

The 2 of August, We celebrate this Marian devotion, but unlike other titles of Our Lady, We are not aware of any appearance, nor is there any particular image by whose fame has instituted this feast. The commemoration of this day is related to the dedication of a church and the intervention of St. Francisco de Asís, whose love for Christ and His Blessed Mother give rise to the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels. Hence, in general, there is the prototype of an image reproduced, as in the other Marian adveraciones, a pattern in general. We can find a varied and really beautiful production of the Mother of God in the company of angels.

Unless the episode of the Annunciation, the Gospel tells no other event where Our Lady deal directly with the angels, Christian piety is that, in some pious stories, She wants to live with the angels on some facts of his life, since the birth of Jesus, through the flight into Egypt and so before his own death. Leaving aside this background, which can be respectable, Besides San Gabriel, angel who had no interaction with her, except his ángel custodio. Mary is Queen of Angels, creatures full of holiness and perfection, because God has thus provided. After his death and Assumption, It is crowned by the Holy Trinity as Queen of Creation, Holy Angels have come under their authority and they love and enjoy infinitely to be at your service.

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