Holy week 2016



Sunday 20 March - Palm Sunday- will give start Holy week, will end on resurrection Sunday (day 27 March). The main events happening these days are as follows:


It commemorates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, sitting on a donkey, where he was received by a crowd that was carrying olive branches. To the 12.30 h there will be a procession of Ramos adjacent streets.


18.30, departure from S. Juan de el Hospital of the Procession of the pardon (Real Cofradía de Jesús in the column) It will travel through several streets of the center of Valencia, you will pass through the Basilica de la Virgen and ends at the Church of El Salvador.



We commemorate the Lord's last supper with the Apostles, on the night that was to be given. It commemorates the institution of the sacrament of the Eucharist and ordination. Also remember the delivery of the “mandatum novum” by the Lord to the Apostles.

18.00 Mass of the Lord's Supper. Washing of the feet. The Lord is reserved at the monument.

20.30 Procession of the Christ of Sorrows through the streets of the neighborhood

23.00 Holy hour to publicly worship to the Blessed Sacrament reserved in the monument. They will alternate 4 brief homilies with 4 interventions of sacred music. The Church will remain open throughout the night for the worship of Jesus in the monument by the faithful.

* Collect for the poor


Commemorating the passion and death of Jesus on the cross. The Church, following an ancient tradition, on this day it does not celebrate the Eucharist; Holy Communion is distributed to the faithful only during the celebration of the Lord's passion.

17.30 Office of the Lord's passion

10.00 Via Crucis solemn adjacent streets

* Collects for Holy places


Holy Saturday is a day of mourning and silent in the heart of Christendom, waiting for the Easter Vigil, the blessing of fire and water, the announcement of the resurrection.

12.00 Meditation on the loneliness of the Virgin

21.00 Solemn Easter Vigil


Commemoration of the resurrection of the Lord, Foundation of our faith. Jesus Christ lives: This is the great joy of all Christians.

12.30 Procession of the encounter of the risen Lord to his most holy mother. Held in the transit of the Church.



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